About the site

This site is an online archive of images taken of (mostly) preserved invertebrate specimens from personal and educational entomology collections in Dorset.

The equipment and techniques used to capture the images include:

  • Photomicrography using binocular and trinocular dissecting microscopes with a Canon EOS dSLR attached
  • Macro photography using a Canon EOS dSLR
  • Image/focus stacking (both conventional and photomicrography) to produce highly focused images.

Navigating the site to find images of specific species can be achieved either:

  • Using the search function available on every page
  • Using the drop down menu above
  • Navigating through the static links on each page. This is slower than the above, but is a fall-back in case you are using a device that is incompatible with the drop down menus

I apologise for the lack of thumbnail navigation, something that was available in previous incarnations of this website. However the current system does not make thumbnail navigation of the pages easy to set up. Additionally due to the sheer number of images, I do not want to overload the server any more than it already is.

This site has been redesigned several times over the years. It is hoped that the current version is one that will last, but if you have any comments or feedback, please do get in touch via the contacts page.